Jan. 2023       Ph.D., English, Duke University

Dissertation: Lines of Relation: Devotional Verse and Active Reading in Late Medieval English Books

Supervisors: Sarah Beckwith and Julianne Werlin

Certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Certificate in College Teaching

Certificate in Writing in the Disciplines

Research and Teaching Areas: Medieval and Renaissance literature; religion and literature; poetics; manuscript and early print studies; medieval contemplation and mysticism; digital humanities and archives; creative nonfiction; writing in the disciplines

2015                M.A.R., Religion and Literature, Yale University

Certificate in Religion and the Arts, Yale Institute of Sacred Music

2008                B.A., English and Music, Gordon College, summa cum laude




2023                “Line, Body, Reader, World: Sacred Metonymy in a Passion Complaint.” Religion & Literature (under review)

2022                “Inner Workings: John Lydgate’s Kalendare at the Nexus of Time, Craft, and Devotion.” Mediaevalia: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Medieval Studies Worldwide (forthcoming 2023)

Creative Work

2014                “Failed Genesis Translation.” Palimpsest 6 (Dec. 2014): 53–54.

2014                “Three Poems by Hugo von Hofmannsthal.” Yale Journal of Literary Translation (Dec. 2014): 1–3.




2022            Short-Term Fellowship (Yale Institute of Sacred Music / Beinecke Library)

2021          LOGOS Fellowship (Museum of the Bible / Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford)

2020            Annual Meeting Bursary (Medieval Academy of America)

2019            Schallek Award (Medieval Academy of America)

Duke University

Research & Writing

2022            Writing in Residence Dissertation Workshop (Yale & Duke Graduate Schools)

2021             Dissertation Fellowship (Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies)

2020             John L. Lievsay Sixth-Year Fellowship (English Department)

2019            Dissertation Research Travel Award: International (The Graduate School)

2019             John L. Lievsay Summer Fellowship (English Department)

2018            Competitive Summer Funding Award (The Graduate School)

2018           Coordinating Fellow, Religions & Public Life (Kenan Institute for Ethics)

2017            Graduate Fellow, Religions & Public Life (Kenan Institute for Ethics)


2021–23      Language, Arts, and Media Program Internship in Innovative Pedagogy (Thompson Writing Program)

Digital Archives & Paleography

2020            Scholarship for Durham Online Palaeography and Latin School (Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies)

2020            Provost Graduate Assistantship, Digital Archival Expeditions (Rubenstein Library)

Yale University

2015             Director’s Prize, Best Colloquium Presentation (Yale Institute of Sacred Music)

2015             Students’ Choice for Best Colloquium Presentation (Yale ISM)

2015             ISM Community Award (Yale ISM)

2014             Hugh Giles Prize (Yale ISM)



2023                (invited) “‘A Comyn Light’: Seeing Christ’s Body With Julian and a Passion Poem,” Beholding and Being Held: A Julian of Norwich Symposium at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Hillsborough, NC, May 20, 2023.

2023                “Lines of Relation: Penance, Poetry, and Psalm Translation in Late Medieval England,” LOGOS Fellows meeting, online, Feb. 23, 2023.

2022                (accepted but withdrew, illness) “Human Being and the Penitential Poetic Line: What Ends, What Continues, What Connects?,” Southeastern Medieval Association Conference, The Body and the Human, Birmingham, AL, Nov. 10–12.

2022                (accepted but event was cancelled) “Deathbed Reading and Sacred Synecdoche in the Passion Complaint, ‘Wyth Scharpe Thornes,’” Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar, Franklin Humanities Center, Raleigh, NC, Autumn 2022.

2022                “‘Remember Not, Lord’: Directing the Divine in Thomas Brampton’s Psalm Paraphrase,” Diversity of Discourse in the Medieval World Special Session, International Congress for Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2022.

2021                “Liturgy, Limits, and the Poetic Line: Reading Thomas Brampton’s Penitential Psalms with Ed Roberson and Christian Wiman,” Duke Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Works in Progress, Durham, NC, April 24, 2021.

2021                “The Uses of Poetry: Reading Penitential Psalms in Late Medieval Translation,” Medieval Academy of America Annual Meeting, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, April 15–18, 2021.

2020                “Time and Devotional Poetics in John Lydgate’s Kalendarium,” Medieval Academy of America Annual Meeting, virtual meeting organized by UC–Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, March 27–28, 2020. Recording accessible here, timestamp 38:50:

2019                “The Question of Value: Rosemary Woolf, ‘The Wounds and the Sins,’ and the New Lyric Studies,” International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, May 9–12, 2019.

2018                “Reading as Writers, Writing as Readers: Incorporating Dante’s Commedia in a Creative Nonfiction Workshop,” Teaching Dante Conference, Birmingham, AL, October 26­–27, 2018

2018                “’Lord, Am I The One?’ Dissent and Conversion in the Middle English ‘Judas’ Ballad,” NC Colloquium in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Durham, NC, March 9–10, 2018.



Instructor of Record

2022/23          “Cyber Connections: Communicating in the Digital Age” (Writing 275)

2021/22          “Cyber Connections: Health and Harm in Digital Communication” (Writing 275)

2018                “Intro to Creative Nonfiction: The Books That Made Me” (English 222)

2018                “First Year Composition: The Art of Writing Letters” (Writing 101)

Unit Guest Instructor

2021                Guest instructor (4 class meetings), “Shakespeare: On Nature” (ENG 236).

                        Active lectures based on my 2020 Provost Internship in Digital Archival Expeditions:

Teaching Assistant

2020                “Existentialism” (English/Philosophy 285)

                        Remote/online instruction, two lectures, taught a weekly discussion section, devised and assessed exams and essays.

2019                “Classics of American Literature, 1820–60” (English 269)

                        Graded exams and essays.

2017                “Special Topics in Film: The Western” (English 390)

                        Led class discussions, graded all student writing.

2017                “Spiritual Autobiography” (English 290)

                        Helped with course plan, taught two class sessions.

2016                “Shakespeare: Now & Then” (English 390)

                        Designed and taught one class session.



2022                Research assistant to Lauren Winner (bibliography work)

2020                Research assistant to Julianne Werlin (building biographical database of early modern poets, dramatists, fiction writers)

2019                Research assistant to Charlotte Sussman (curating scholarship on classical through early modern works about Dido)



2021–23          Coordinating Intern in Innovative Pedagogy, Duke Bacca Fellows’ faculty learning community

2021–22          Founding member, working group on equity, inclusion, and diversity; also founding member in working group on antiracist pedagogy

2018–19          Coordinating Fellow, Religions & Public Life Working Group, “Pain and Joy: Polemics and Praise in Religious Communities” (2018–19)

2017                Working group organizer, “Write on Site” and “Exam Prep Bootcamp”

2016–17          Working group co-organizer, “Conversions: Medieval & Modern,” funded by a McGill University Early Modern Conversions grant



2019                Special Collections Processing, Rubenstein Library (with William McLean, Duke University)

2018–19        Transcriber/encoder, Canterbury Tales Project, (with Peter Robinson and Barbara Bordalejo, University of Saskatchewan and KU Leuven)

2016                Exhibition Co-organizer, “Boccaccio and the Genealogy of Stories,” Jerry and Bruce Chappell Family Gallery at Duke



2017–23          Proofreader and Editorial Assistant, Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Duke University

2014–23          Managing Editor, Yale Journal of Music & Religion, Yale University

2010–11          Content Editor, Great Neck Publishing, Ipswich, MA

2004–12          Specialist German/French/Dutch Abstractor & Indexer, Ebsco Publishing, Ispwich, MA



2021                “Designing Digital Humanities Research: Formulation to Publication” (Duke Graduate Academy, Liz Milewicz and Will Shaw)

2020                “Palaeography and Latin” (Durham University Online School, Ana de Oliveira Dias and Sigbjørn Sønnesyn)

2018                “The Book of Hours, 1250–1550” (Rare Books School, Roger S. Wieck)

2018                “Teaching With Archives” (Duke Doctoral Academy, Rubenstein Library Staff)

2010–11          “Library Technology & Reference Librarianship” (Simmons GSLIS)



German (excellent in reading, speaking, writing)

French (fluent in reading, speaking, writing)

Middle English (fluent in reading)

Latin (can read with dictionary)

Old English (can read with dictionary)



Sarah Beckwith

Katherine Everett Gilbert Professor of English

Duke University, Durham, NC 27708


Julianne Werlin

Bacca Foundation Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, Culture and Society

Duke University, Durham, NC 27708


Thomas Ferraro

Frances Hill Fox Professor of English

Duke University, Durham, NC 27708